Paul Weller tells Glastonbury crowd to ‘get the brown acid up ya!’

Solo artist performed before The Who's closing set

Paul Weller kicked off a mod takeover of Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage, playing directly before The Who to close the festival and drawing a huge crowd packed with feathered haircuts and Harrington jackets.

Stood centre stage in a tight fitting, light blue V-neck sweater and sunglasses, the former Jam frontman kicked an hour and quarter long set off with ‘White Sky’, taken from recent album ‘Saturns Pattern’. The crowd raised their fists to its psych-flavoured riffs, and greeted second song ‘The Changingman’ with an even louder roar.

The 57-year-old chugged through ‘From The Floorboards Up’ and ‘Saturns Pattern’ tracks ‘I’m Where I Should Be’ and ‘Long Time’ before playing the first Jam song of the evening. Fans sung both the words and the notes of the riff for the duration of ‘That’s Entertainment’, but Weller concentrated more heavily on material from his 12th solo album, slotting the title-track in after a tender performance of 1992’s ‘Above The Clouds’.


The guitarist didn’t speak to the audience much, and his longest interaction came after the mid-paced ballad ‘Broken Stones’, which followed a powerful sequence of ‘Friday Street’ and ‘Porcelain Gods’. “We’re on limited time tonight, we’ve only got 25 minutes left and we’ve got about 40 songs to play.” He went on to add, “Who’s been here all weekend? How’s the brown acid? Get it up ya!” As the crowd shouted its approval, the singer started up ‘You Do Something To Me’, which prompted swaying and hugging. The second Jam track of the set arrived with the fast-paced ‘Start!’, which was followed by ‘90s tracks ‘Peacock Suit’ and ‘Whirlpool’s End’. The set concluded with ‘Town Called Malice’, which drew some of the biggest cheers of the day on the Pyramid Stage. After a noisy climax, Weller and his bandmates linked arms and bowed together, before walking off and waving.

Paul Weller played:

‘White Sky’
‘The Changingman’
‘From the Floorboards Up’
‘I’m Where I Should Be’
‘Long Time’
‘That’s Entertainment’
‘Above the Clouds’
‘Saturns Pattern’
‘Going My Way’
‘Friday Street’
‘Porcelain Gods’
‘Broken Stones’
‘You Do Something To Me’
‘Peacock Suit’
‘Whirlpool’s End’
‘Town Called Malice’