Paul Weller: ‘Drugs can be creative’

But the Modfather says a bad acid trip put him off dabbling with narcotics

Paul Weller has claimed that taking drugs can make musicians more creative.

Speaking to Q magazine, the Modfather said that, while some artists were unable to indulge their fondness for narcotics and still create good music, others had benefited from dabbling with substances.

He said:

Some people are happy just to sit around getting shitted, but then there are other people like Ray Charles and Billie Holliday who had raging habits and still worked. So drugs can be creative, I’ve seen that plenty of times. But I’ve also seen them crush creativity too. I saw that plenty of times in the ’90s.


However, Weller said that a few bad experiences of his own had put him off taking drugs, adding: “I tried ecstasy later, but it was too trippy for me. I go like that after a few beers anyway, so it wasn’t for me. I did acid when I was 16 and got scared, I had the horrors and everything. Never again.”

Earlier this month (March 5), the singer discussed his attitude to another drug – alcohol – and revealed he’d been forced to give up booze because he feared his hedonistic lifestyle was going to kill him. “I think I’m an alcoholic, definitely,” he said. “I would have thought so. It’s hard to know where a pisshead becomes an alkie. Fine line. But yeah, I think so.”

Last weekend (March 25), meanwhile, he notched up his fourth solo Number One album when his new LP, ‘Sonik Kicks’, entered the chart in the top position.

Despite only releasing his eleventh studio album this month, Weller has already eyed up his next project – in last week’s issue of NME, he revealed that he was planning on working with Miles Kane on new material. “We’ve set aside a couple of dates in April when I’m going to do some writing with him,” he said. “I like him, he’s done well.”

You can watch a new video interview with Paul Weller where he discusses ‘Sonik Kicks’ by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.