Paul Weller: ‘My new album is cutting edge’

Modfather set to score Number One in Official Album Charts

Paul Weller has said that his new album is “cutting edge” and says there’s no music out there that sounds similar.

Speaking in an interview with Billboard, Weller said his new album has a “spirit of adventure” that’s been brought on by him entering the “twilight years” of his career.

He added:

I think the new record is really cutting edge, really modern, and I don’t think there is anything around that sounds like it, regardless of age or status or whatever.

The Modfather looks set to grab the Number One spot this Sunday (March 25) with his new album ‘Sonik Kicks’. The singer, with whom you can read a new interview in the new issue of NME, is set to knock last week’s chart topper Military Wives down to Number Two. Check at 7pm tonight (March 25), to see if he has been successful.

If he manages to enter the charts today at Number One, Weller might feel victorious in his fight against current, modern music he thinks sounds dull. He complained: “I find a lot of music really tame. This (album) is my reaction against that. I’m trying to stir up something, I suppose, in my mind, and just get people excited about music again. I want to blow people’s minds.”

You can read an interview with Weller in the new issue of NME. It’s on UK newsstands and available digitally now