Paul Weller: ”Sonik Kicks’ will be groundbreaking’

The Modfather discusses his forthcoming album

Paul Weller has revealed more about his forthcoming 11th solo studio album ‘Sonik Kicks’, which is set for release in March next year.

Speaking to NME in a video interview, which you can watch by clicking on the player above, Weller said of the record:

It’s very electronic sounding…good melodies, quite experimental in places. I don’t think there’s anything else around that sounds like it. It’s quite unique sounding, personally. Groundbreaking maybe, possibly. For me it is.

The record, which features guest vocals from Noel Gallagher and Graham Coxon, is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed, 2010 album ‘Wake Up The Nation’.

When asked about any pressures from the success of his Mercury-nominated record, Weller replied: “When you get a good reaction to a record, if anything, they inspire me to do better next time. It’s nice to have a bit of recognition or a little pat on the back, because it just makes you think, ‘Well, I’m doing something right’.”

You can hear a track from the album, called ‘Around The Lake’ by visiting

Paul Weller also quelled any hopes that The Jam might one day reform, telling NME: “Personally, I’m not one for nostalgia. What’s gone is gone. You can’t recapture that time.”