Paul Weller announces details of political, royal family-baiting album

He gives fans a track-by-track guide to 'Wake Up The Nation'

Paul Weller‘s new album ‘Wake Up The Nation’ features numerous digs towards the royal family and British politicians, according to the singer.

Writing on, Weller called the album’s title track “political with a small ‘p'”, while ‘Find The Torch Burn The Plans’ is also about the state of the nation.

“Thematically, it ties in with the title track,” Weller said of ‘Find The Torch Burn The Plans’. “We’ve got to reclaim our heritage and our culture. Claim it back from the fucking politicians and the establishment. Charles [the song’s recording engineer] played drums. My daughter and her mate sang on it too.”


Another song, ‘7 + 3 Is The Striker’s Name’, which features My Bloody Valentine‘s Kevin Shields, alludes to the royal family. “There’s a dig at the royal family in the lyrics,” he said. “That whole invisible establishment is still in power, nothing’s changed,” Weller explained.

The 16-track album, which is out on April 12, features a number of special guests – including Weller’s former Jam bandmate Bruce Foxton. The duo play together for the first time since 1982 on ‘Fast Car Slow Traffic’, which Weller hailed “full on” and “a real London tune”.

He added: “We played this on the last tour and people were really mad for it. It was really interesting to hear Bruce [Foxton] playing on it. You can instantly tell it’s him.”

Other guests on the album include ELO and The Move drummer Bev Bevan (‘Moonshine’), The Tornados drummer Clem Cattini (‘No Tears To Cry’), Little Barrie‘s Barry Cadogan (‘2 Fat Ladies’), as well as Shields.

Another song, ‘Trees’, has five separate sections, according to Weller, who added that he was inspired to write the lyrics by going to see his dad (and longtime manager) John shortly before his death last April. Weller‘s cousin Mark also appears on the track, playing guitar.