Paul Weller opens up about making music during lockdown

Weller said music helped to keep him sane during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Paul Weller has opened up about making music during lockdown.

In a new interview with Uncut magazine, the former frontman of The Jam said music helped to keep him sane during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Weller’s upcoming new album ‘Fat Pop (Volume 1)’ is set for release on May 14, was written and recorded during the first coronavirus lockdown last year.


Weller said that without access to a studio and the means to make music, he would “probably be in a padded cell. I’ve no idea.”

Speaking about writing music in lockdown, he went on: “I mean, perhaps I make it sound easier than it is. The songwriting part of it still involves an awful lot of finessing and chipping away.”

Weller also joked in the interview that it also gave him a break from his family: “I did the record so I could get away and have a fucking break! But I think I used [the time] wisely as well, you know?”

Paul Weller performs live in 2018. CREDIT: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

Speaking about the first lockdown, Weller admitted: “Actually, I have to say, I really enjoyed the first lockdown.

“For the first time ever, you couldn’t do anything, so you didn’t have to feel guilty, and the weather was amazing and there were no aeroplanes. Nature was in full bloom and the birds were singing.


“When humans disappear, nature reclaims itself. That’s what would happen if we disappeared tomorrow.”

Recently, Weller said he will never support Spotify because of its payment model for artists.

The musician said in a new interview that he understands why fans subscribe but that it’s “disgraceful” for artists, whom he regards as being ripped off by low pay per stream rates.

Speaking to Mojo magazine, he explained: “I am not for Spotify whatsoever. It’s greta for punters. You pay your nine quid every month and listen to whatever you want. But for the artist it’s shit. It’s disgraceful.”

He continued: “I had three million Spotify pays for ‘On Sunset‘ [his latest album, released in 2020]. For that I made nine and a half grand in revenue. All right, it’s nine grand, but it’s not £3 million is it? Whichever fucker thought music should be free was a marketing whizz because that genie will not go back in the bottle.”

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