Paul Weller says he would “never, ever give Noel Gallagher advice”

Liam Gallagher labelled Weller "full of shit" for reportedly giving Noel advice on going solo before Oasis' split

Paul Weller has dismissed claims that he gave Noel Gallagher advice on going solo prior to Oasis‘ split in the late 2000s.

Speaking to NME about his new album ‘On Sunset’ and more, Weller responded to Liam Gallagher‘s claims that Noel and Weller held ‘secret meetings’ about Noel going solo, with Liam branding Weller “full of shit”.

Asked what he thinks of the latest controversy between the Gallagher brothers, Weller said: “I’ve got better things to think about. I love both of them, anyway… I think they’re both brilliant characters.”


Addressing Liam’s issues with Weller reportedly giving Noel advice on a solo career, he added: “Listen – to put the record straight, I would never, ever give Noel Gallagher advice.

“What do you say to somebody who’s just sold 50 million fucking records? ‘Oh, I know what you should do…’ So that’s not true.”

Credit: Jenn Five / NME

Elsewhere in the interview, Weller discussed the surprising news that Tyler, The Creator recently declared himself a fan of Weller’s old band, The Style Council.

“Funnily enough we met him very briefly,” he said. “He’s got a shop on Melrose [Los Angeles]. I’m surprised he’s even heard of us.

“Would I work with him? I don’t know, mate, but I’m open for working with anyone if they’re good.”


Earlier this month, Liam Gallagher revealed that he almost set fire to Noel’s house in Ibiza before the band’s 2009 split.

“So I get there, I’m getting a bit giddy and I’ve gone, ‘this is nuts innit’,” Liam remembered. “Got the drinks out, got a cig out, and it was like right on the sea, and I lit up and then I flicked it, it’s gone down the cliff… and the next minute there’s loads of fire.”