It's based in part on the live action/animation video for the singer/dancer's late '80s single 'Opposites Attract'...

Paula Abdul is developing a kids’ TV series about a garage band on the road to stardom for US network FOX KIDS.

Speaking to Variety magazine, she revealed that the concept for the series, which will combine live action and animation, was inspired by the video for her ‘Opposites Attract’ single, in which she was featured opposite a singing cartoon cat, and also the movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’.

“I was inspired by my experience working on that video ten years ago, but I was also definitely inspired originally by Gene Kelly dancing with the mouse in ‘Anchors Aweigh’. What excited me about ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ was the ability to really believe that animated characters exist. It excited me to be able to bring it to the small screen,” she said.

Although it is still in the planning stages, Abdul – who has sold more than 25million records and won two Emmys, a Grammy and seven MTV awards – has not ruled out a part for herself in the series, and said she will be choreographing musical numbers for it.