Paula Abdul falls off stage mid-show – watch


This weekend saw Paula Abdul suffer a mishap during a show when she fell offstage mid-concert.

The ‘Straight Up’ icon was performing her hit ‘The Promise of a New Day’ at Hard Rock Live in Biloxi, Mississippi, when she stepped beyond the edge of the stage while attempting to greet fans. See footage of the incident below.


Fortunately, Abdul then got back onto her feet and appeared unhurt as she continued with the rest of the performance without any further issues.

“It’s been decades since I’ve done my own tour, um, but I had a great taste of what it’s like being on the road last summer with the New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men, and had a great time,” Abdul told Fox News about the tour. “It was just a real warm welcome and [it reminded me] of how it felt like when I was on the road constantly years and years ago.”

She continued: “It was in your face and it was so fast and it was so furious and there was no time to, like, engage as much with the audience as I will this time. I’m at my best when I’m being creative and I have a lot of real cool things that I want to do [to] bring that nostalgia back to all my fans.”

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