The late ex-wife of Bob Geldof and lover of Michael Hutchence leaves just £14,000 to daughter Tiger Lily...

PAULA YATES, the late ex-wife of BOB GELDOF and lover of dead INXS vocalist MICHAEL HUTCHENCE, has left just under £14,000 in her will.

Yates, who died from a heroin overdose last September, left all the money to Tiger Lily, her daughter by Hutchence. It was Tiger Lily who discovered Yates’ body in their west London home, alerting a friend who rang by telling her “I can’t wake mummy.”

According to The Sun this morning (April 8) Yates left her entire estate to Tiger Lily as she felt her other three daughters – by Geldof – would be looked after by their father.

Yates is said to have held assets valued at £795,266 at the time of her death. However, debts left the relatively small sum.