Pavement say ‘great news is coming soon’

The band say live performances 'are ruled out for '15 but not '16'

Pavement have teased possible future activity, stating that there’s “good news coming soon”.

The group originally split in 1999 but reformed in 2009 for a reunion tour the following year. They disbanded again at the end of their tour commitments.

Now, however, the band’s Scott Kannberg has posted on Facebook via what appears to be a new official Pavement page: “hi pavement fans… spiral here. we’ve taken back our page after all these years… thanks to the fine folks at matador. and thanks to you for supporting us! there’s some great news coming soon… in the meantime, we will be randomly posting stuff from the archive.”


Kannberg added: “As I understand it, live perfs are ruled out for ’15 but not ’16, beyond. Deep cuts will feature.” Percussionist Bob Nastanovich also wrote: “Happy to be an admin/reporter on this page. [Steve] West is hanging in Nashville with David. Is that newsworthy? Bob in Iowa.”

Stereogum claim that representatives from the band’s label, Matador Records, have confirmed the Facebook page to be official.

However, frontman Stephen Malkmus has remained coy about the developments on Twitter, responding to one fan by saying: “maybe there’s some anniversary or terror twilight re issue?”.

Meanwhile, back in February, it was revealed that Malkmus rejected his former Pavement bandmates’ offer to reunite.

In an interview on the Kreative Kontrol podcast, Pavement and Silver Jews’ Bob Nastanovich revealed that Malkmus was not interested in their pitch for a reunion. “It did not float. It was a failed attempt,” Nastanovich said.

He also talked about a possible Silver Jews reunion, after a photo was unveiled of the band practicing together in February, which frontman David Berman called the photo “a prank” at the time. “He [Berman] has written some new songs. Brian Kotzur, the drummer in Silver Jews, is an everyday musician and has a studio at the ready,” Nastanovich said. “He lives about a mile from David in Nashville and David probably spends more time with him than anyone else in Nashville.


“If he actually wants to jam or present what he’s written [he can go to Brian’s house]… the fact that he’s got some writing that’s clearly meant to be lyrics is encouraging for people who care about the Silver Jews getting back together. Just like every other Silver Jews experience, he’s gotta pick a who, when, and where.”

Nastanovich added that there are 15 Silver Jews songs in the works. He said: “He can be on the cusp of something really big and brilliant, and he’ll scrap it. The reason can be anything and he’s always ready to defend his position. Nothing’s in the can in any release-able way.”

Stephen Malkmus’s latest album with his band the Jicks, called ‘Wig Out at Jagbags’, was released last year.