Pavement won’t play new material at reunion gigs

Band to play purely nostalgic shows, Bob Nastanovich says

Pavement are not set to play any new material at their forthcoming reunion gigs, drummer Bob Nastanovich has explained.

Stephen Malkmus and his band are set to reunite to headline and curate the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead next May then play in New York in September.

Nastanovich told that the shows would be purely nostalgic affairs.

When asked if the band would play new songs at the shows he replied, “No”. When asked if the shows would be “once only” affairs he added, “I’m pretty sure that’s the case.”

The drummer did, however, reveal what he hopes the band will be playing. “Unfortunately, it’s not up to me,” he said. “I hope they choose 30-40 numbers for us to play soon. I’d like to play ones like ‘Stop Breathing’, ‘Type Slowly’, ‘Transport Is Arranged’. That tempo suits my declining physical condition.”