Reports elsewhere claimed that we were making it all up, but Pavement are no more...

Pavement have confirmed they’re “retiring for the forseeable future”, following an emotional gig at Brixton Academy last week (November 20) despite reports elesewhere suggesting that we were in some way making it all up.

A spokesman for Domino, Pavement‘s UK label told NME: “Pavement are retiring for the forseeable future to:

1. Start families 2. Sail around the world 3. Get into the computer industry 4. Dance 5. Get some attention”

While the split is now official, Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg has denied that the pair of handcuffs Malkmus dangled from his mic stand during the Brixton show had any significant meaning.

It was originally thought that Malkmus had told the crowd: “These symbolize what it’s like being in a band”, but last week Kannberg told US reporters: “They got the quote wrong. He actually said ‘These symbolize what it’s like being in England.”

He continued: “We’re going to take a couple of years off.

“We’ve just been doing this pretty full-on for the last eight or 10 years.

“We just want to rethink what it means being in a band.”

Kannberg will now concentrate on recording solo material and developing his label Amazing Grease. Drummer Steve West hopes to release the second album ‘Sunset Sprinkler’ from his side project band ‘Marble Valley’ sometime early next year.

Steve Malkmus has yet to announce any musical plans for the future.