Steve Malkmus finishes solo debut and plans to hit the road...

PAVEMENT’s STEVE MALKMUS has recorded his debut solo album, to be released in the new year through MATADOR.

The singer recorded the album with drummer John Moen (Fastbacks, Dharma Bums) and bassist Joanna Bolme amongst others. At present, it is untitled and no definite release date has been fixed. It is also unclear if the record will appear under Malkmus’s own name or The Jicks – the name under which the Pavement man, Moen and Bolme are to tour next year.

Despite the solo project taking shape – and that of Pavement co-founder Scott Kannberg, which was reported on earlier this week (August 22) – the band have dismissed rumours that they have permanently split. Instead, they insist they are simply having a break from recording and touring together.

In the interim, Pavement fans can content themselves with the news of a forthcoming DVD compilation of all their videos and additional home movie clips of the band sometime next year.