Malkmus and co look like they'll go separate ways after nearly a decade...

Pavement look set to quit for the foreseeable future following their show on Saturday night at the London Brixton Academy.

During the set, Steve Malkmus had a set of handcuffs dangling from the mic stand and told the audience: “These symbolise what it’s like being in a band”

He also said “This is our last show” and “Thanks for coming all these years”, giving everyone the impression that they were winding up.


Rumours of the band’s demise have been doing the rounds for most of their current tour; at one point it looked as though they would call a halt after Reading/Leeds.

Domino, the band’s UK record company have not yet commented, though Malkmus himself told people at the after-show party that it was the end of Pavement for the foreseeable future.