As the band take a break, founder Scott Kannberg has been getting his own record together...

Pavement founder SCOTT KANNBERG is on the verge of completing his debut solo album with ex-Pavement drummer GARY YOUNG.

Since Pavement announced their plans to take an unspecified hiatus, Kannberg has been making the record in Berkeley, California and plans to release it through his own Amazing Grease label before the end of the year.

He told “I haven’t really got a name for it yet. It’s probably going to be done in a month or so. I’m pretty much doing everything. I’ve got such a backlog of songs because I didn’t get the chance to do it in Pavement.


“If people like my record then I’ll come over (to tour). It’ll be kind of weird doing stuff out of Pavement because for me it’s always been Pavement. I started Pavement.”

Since leaving Pavement in 1993, drummer Gary Young has gone on to become an ‘inventor’ – making microphone holders which he sells to recording studios.

Speaking of his partnership with the famously unhinged drummer, Kannberg said: “He’s been sober for like a year and a half now so he’s doing really good. He’s still the crazy old Gary, but he’s an inventor now.”

As well as his own band Kannberg is also running Amazing Grease, whose first UK release will be San Francisco‘s Oranger. Their single ‘Blueset Glass Eye Sea’ is released on September 18. An album, ‘The Quiet Vibration Land’, will follow in October.

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