Peace frontman Harry Koisser explains how bandmate Doug once peed on him in the shower – watch

Frontman appears on new episode of 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' tonight

Peace frontman Harry Koisser appears on a new episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks tonight. See below to watch a clip of the singer recalling how one of his bandmates came to urinate on him after he fell over in the shower.

Koisser appears on an episode of the BBC2 panel show which is set to air tonight (October 6) at 10pm. Hosted by Rhod Gilbert with team captains Noel Fielding and Phill Jupitus, fellow guests include Ella Eyre, Stacey Solomon and comedian Seann Walsh.

In the clip, which you can see above, Koisser is asked about the weirdest place he has urinated, to which he replies with a story about how an unnamed bandmate once peed over a DJ booth. “I’m not going to say a name, but a member of my band once when I was DJing.”

Gilbert then realises that was not the story he was expecting: “That was a different story, it says here that you were coming out of the shower, you fell over and Doug the guitarist pissed all over you!”

Watch the clip now to see how the incident, which involves a hotel shower, a phone and a long night out, came to happen.