All star line up for Peaches album

The electro-clash star reveals all about her new record

Peaches has roped in a host of stars to feature on her forthcoming third studio album, due out next April.

Queens Of The Stone Age singer Josh Homme, ex-Hole drummer Sam Maloney and ’80s songstress Joan Jett all put in an appearance on the follow up to 2003’s ‘Fatherfucker’ along with Canadian singer-songwriter Feist and Electrocute frontwoman Nicole Morier.

Peaches told Rolling Stone: “The track ‘Giver’ features Josh (Homme) on guitar. There’s a solo that I could play but I couldn’t play it like Josh. He learned it in a second, and was playing all over it. It’s exciting that I’m branching out. I just want to make things harder. I want to go more hardcore. I just want to make things harder. I want to go more hardcore.”

The singer has been working with Beck producer Mickey Petralia in Los Angeles on the as-yet-untitled album.

Earlier sessions of the LP were recorded in her own Berlin studio with Eagles Of Death metal singer Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes.

Other songs set to feature on the record include ‘Hankie Code’, ‘Stick It to the Pimp’ and ‘Two Guys for Every Girl’.

Of the latter track, she said: “The lyrics are all real dirty about guys getting down with each other, and then I join in. Everybody fantasises about the two-girl thing – to hell! Guys gotta get sexy with each other!”