Peaches says Donald Trump’s penis size comments are ‘completely sexist and even transphobic’

Canadian electro artist says Trump's 'whole body is a big dick that we hate anyway'

Peaches has accused Donald Trump of being “completely sexist” and “even transphobic” in his recent reference to the size of his manhood.

The Canadian electro artist, who released her sixth album ‘Rub’ last year, said she “will not come back to America for a very long time” if either Trump or his Republican Party rival Ted Cruz is elected President.

“Donald Trump has no details in any of his speeches,” Peaches said in an interview with Lena Dunham’s Lenny newsletter.


“I’m not interested in celebrities … but with [Donald Trump], it’s detrimental and world shit. Like, with Kim Kardashian, you can have an opinion about it, and feminism will go on. But someone like Trump saying if his daughter wasn’t his daughter he’d probably be dating her is disgusting.”

Earlier this month, Trump seemingly defended the size of his penis after Florida Senator Marco Rubio appeared to suggest he was not well endowed. “I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee it,” Trump said at a GOP debate in Detroit.

“Even him talking about his dick size: it doesn’t matter,” Peaches continued in her Lenny interview. “Your whole body is a big dick that we hate anyway. Why are you saying it’s bigger? That’s completely sexist and even transphobic. It doesn’t matter what your dick size is: it’s not making you a better person.”

Peaches is not the only artist to brand Trump “sexist” in recent days. Miley Cyrus called out his “stupid ass sexist shit” in an Instagram post over the weekend.


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