Pearl Jam front man to release new album

Eddie Veddor 's film soundtrack to hit the shelves in October

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Veddor will be releasing film soundtrack ‘Into The Wild’ on October 29.

The record will be the first complete collection of Eddie Vedder solo music, and his songs inspired by the film, will make up the entire soundtrack.

The film adaptation of the Jon Krakauer book ‘Into The Wild’, is directed by Hollywood actor Sean Penn and will open on November 9.

Vedder and Sean Penn have been friends for over a decade. The Pearl Jam front man previously contributed music to the soundtrack for Penn‘s 1995 film ‘Dead Man Walking’ and also recorded a cover of The Beatles‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ for 2001 film ‘I Am Sam’.

Meanwhile, Vedder has also contributed two new songs, ‘No More’ and ‘Long Nights’ to the documentary ‘Body of War’.