Pearl Jam to provide earplugs to fans at upcoming shows

The move comes after AC/DC's Brian Johnson had to quit performing due to severe hearing damage

Pearl Jam are to offer their fans earplugs at all of their upcoming shows.

Earlier this week, AC/DC‘s Brian Johnson announced he had been advised to stop performing live due to severe hearing damage that could leave him permanently deaf.

Now, Eddie Vedder’s group have teamed up with MusiCares to protect their audience’s hearing at their shows.


Uproxx reports that the band will be offering earplugs in a custom Pearl Jam case to all audience members in exchange for a small donation to the charity.

NMEAndy Ford/NME

Speaking about the importance of protecting your hearing, Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament said: “Don’t be careless and lazy at loud rock shows or cranking tunes through an old Walkman like I was thirty years ago, (but boy did it all sound good).”

He continued: “Wear hearing protection or you’ll end up with a 1.5k ring in both ears every night when you go to bed or worse when you are trying to enjoy the serene quiet of an empty desert or forest, again like me.”

Earlier this year, Pearl Jam pledged a donation of $125,000 (£87,600) to a relief fund for citizens of Flint, Michigan, in response to what has become known as the Flint Water Crisis.

The city’s drinking water supply was found to have contained lead since it switched its water supply from Detroit’s water system to its own Flint River supply in 2014, as an austerity measure. Residents complained of vomiting fits, rashes and hair loss as a result of the foul-smelling water.