Pearl Jam reveal ‘aggressive’ new direction

The band talk about follow-up to ‘Riot Act’

Pearl Jam have revealed that they are moving in a new “aggressive” direction for the follow-up to 2002’s ‘Riot Act’.

The band are also saying that the material being written for the album is “easily the best stuff” the band have ever produced.

“It’s been a difficult record and it’s like sometimes the harder something is, then the more valuable it becomes,” singer Eddie Vedder said.


During an interview with a Brazilian radio station, he added: “It’s easily the best stuff we’ve done but also some of the hardest stuff. It’s very aggressive, because again, it’s kind of a product of what it’s like to be an American these days. It’s pretty aggressive, especially when you turn it loud.”

Pearl Jam are preparing to kick off a tour of South America on November 22 in Santiago after working on the new album for most of 2005.

Vedder explained: “It’s not quite done. I’m hoping to finish the last of the songs while I’m down (in South America). I’m bringing my tape machines and all that down. If I can come back and finish the last few songs in January, then it will be out in April or something.”

However, the tour will not see the group debut any new material with the singer explaining: “We want them to be heard for the first time when the record comes out.”

The band’s upcoming album is currently untitled, but Vedder said that he is thinking of a name which plays on Soundgarden’s ‘Superunknown’.

“I was thinking of the word ‘un-owned’ — not owned by anybody,” he revealed. “The sky is un-owned. The moon is un-owned. We’re un-owned. We want to remain un-owned. The title was ‘Superun-owned’.”