The 11-day tour to try and stop the Republican being re-elected is now complete…

PEARL JAM, REM, DIXIE CHICKS and [a][/a] have completed a US tour aimed at stopping President George Bush from being re-elected.

The musicians said that the 11-day tour, which carried the banner Vote For Change, had been a huge success in swaying new voters away from Bush.

They played their last gig in Washington DC last night (October 11) after starting up in Pennsylvania on October 1, according to the BBC.


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard said: “We’re not just rock musicians, we’re citizens and we’re also taxpayers and fathers and uncles. I think everyone has a duty to participate in any election they feel strongly about.”

The musicians made the decision to tour back in August in a bid to try and stop the incumbent Republican President from being re-elected for a second term in the November elections.

They played around 34 concerts in 28 cities across nine US states during their 11-day jaunt.

States visited included North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin and the key state in the 2000 presidential elections, Florida.

All proceeds from the tour will to go to America Coming Together, a group whose aim is to raise money for Democratic candidates.

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