Work on new album is slow but rewarding say band…

PEARL JAM have revealed they’ve completed around half of their seventh studio album.

Progress has been slower due to the relaxed approach the band have been taking to the as yet untitled record, guitarist Mike McCready told Billboard.

“(We’re) not anywhere close to being done. We’re about halfway there,” he said. “It’s going to be a really awesome record, and I’m not just saying that like every band member says it. It’s been really exciting.”

He added: “How we’re recording it is a first. We’ve been recording for awhile, and then we’ll sit down and listen to the songs and then take a couple of weeks off, come back and re-record them and add stuff. We generally just go in, do some demos and record.”

The guitarist added that about “20-25” songs had been worked on which included “some ballads and some pretty harder stuff, and some Who-ish type-stuff”.

As yet there is no due date for the album, however McCready insisted that the new way of working was suiting the band as it made sure material didn’t slip through the band’s net.

“I’ve woken up a few times and had a riff going in my head that I really liked, say, of (bassist) Jeff (Ament)’s or something,” he explained. “It’s like, OK, cool. That one is sticking in my head. I want to keep doing that. Let’s do that. Whereas before, you’d just do it and it’d be done.”