Eddie and the boys have two benefit gigs, a double CD and a two-disc live DVD in the works

PEARL JAM are to appear at a benefit concert at SEATTLE’s BENAROYAL HALL on October 22 to raise funds for homeless charity YOUTHCARE and the ORION TEEN CENTER.

Eddie Vedder and co will also appear three days later at Neil Young‘s annual Bridge School Benefit concert. It is the sixth time they have played the benefit, which takes place just outside San Francisco.

The band are also planning to release ‘Lost Dogs’, a double-CD collection of 31 rare and previously unreleased tracks, and a double-disc DVD, ‘Live At The Garden’, both on November 11.


‘Lost Dogs’ will feature 11 brand new songs, including ‘Sad’, ‘Hitchhiker’ and ‘Don’t Gimme No Lip’. ‘All Night’ will also appear, after briefly being earmarked for 1996’s album ‘No Code’. ‘Binaural’ out-takes include ‘In The Moonlight’, ‘Fatal’, ‘Sweet Lew’, and ‘Education’.

Studio B-sides such as ‘Alone’, ‘Wash’ and ‘Footsteps’ sit alongside tracks from Pearl Jam‘s appearances on compilation and benefit albums.

As reported on Billboard, the album also includes ‘Drifting’, ‘Strangest Tribe’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Let Me Sleep’, all taken from the group’s annual holiday single for members of its Ten Club fan organisation.

The full ‘Lost Dogs’ tracklisting is:

Disc one:

‘All Night’




‘In The Moonlight’


‘Don’t Gimme No Lip’




‘Black, Red, Yellow’

‘Leaving Here’

‘Gremmie Out Of Control’

‘Whale Song’


‘Hold On’

‘Yellow Ledbetter’

Disc two:


‘Other Side’

‘Hard To Imagine’



‘Dead Man’

‘Strangest Tribe’


‘Let Me Sleep’


‘Last Kiss’

‘Sweet Lew’

‘Dirty Frank’

‘Brother Instrumental’

‘Bee Girl’