And Mike McCready reckons the secret is to "keep out of each other's lives"...

PEARL JAM guitarist MIKE McCREADY has said the group “stay out of each other’s lives” when they’re not recording and touring, and that has helped them survive.

The Seattle veterans are currently promoting the release of their new album ‘Riot Act’. McCready told MTV news that he is “amazed” they still have a fanbase, over a decade after the release of their debut ‘Ten’.

“I’m amazed that people are even still wanting to listen to us,” McCready said. “With all the other music out there and the shifting times, I’m surprised that people still consider us relevant. I’ll hear us on classic rock radio stations and I’ll go, ‘Oh, my God, we’re getting old!’ I’m just grateful to still be around.


“We tend to stay out of each other’s lives as much as possible when we’re not working. We see our different friends and just get away from each other so when we get back together everything is fresh. When we all met in the studio this time it felt like coming home.”

The group are planning on touring ‘Riot Act’ in 2003, with UK dates a possibility.

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