A Danish state prosecutor concludes that bosses have no case to answer over the crowd crush which led to nine fatalities...

Organisers of the ROSKILDE FESTIVAL are to escape charges over nine deaths at their festival two years ago.

Following the end of a second enquiry into the June 2000 tragedy, a Danish state prosecutor has concluded that they have no case to answer.

The enquiry had been set up to find out why organisers did not stop a set by Pearl Jam when it was realised a crowd of up to 50,000 were being pressed against the stage. It also hoped to establish just who was in charge and who had the authority to stop the concert.

“No charges will be filed against any people in this case,” state prosecutor Erik Merlung said in a statement (June 11). “There is no reason to presume that something punishable has been done.”

It was noted, though, that no policy was in place to stop the show or to communicate information about large-scale accidents to the crowd. On top of the fatalities, 43 people were injured in the crush.

Roskilde organisers said they would review the results and establish ways to make further safety improvements.

This year, Roskilde, one of mainland Europe’s biggest music events, will see Garbage, New Order, Primal Scream, White Stripes and [a][/a]on the bill. It runs from June 27-29.