The band say claims that they are "morally responsible" for the tragedy are "appalling and ludicrous"...

Pearl Jam have reacted angrily to Danish Police comments that they were “morally responsible” for the ROSKILDE FESTIVAL tragedy, calling the remarks “appalling and ludicrous”.

In a strongly worded statement posted last night (July 19) on the band website [a][/a], their manager Kelly Curtis said: “Pearl Jam are well known for their exciting live shows, but they have never, in their 10-year history of performing, “appealed for violent behaviour”.

He continued: “As the band’s manager, I find it hard to believe that after all that has transpired, the band’s devastation over the tragedies that occurred at the Roskilde Festival during the their performance, and their long history of attention to fan safety, that anyone would assign “moral responsibility” to them. That I find appalling and ludicrous.”


As reported yesterday on, the official police report into the tragedy, delivered to the Danish Parliament on July 17, also accused the band of “whipping a crowd into a frenzy”.

However as the events unfolded during the tragic June 30 show, frontman Eddie Vedder had several times appealed for calm from the stage before breaking down when he realised just how far things had gone.

Nine fans were crushed to death following a crowd surge in damp and slippy conditions.

The band had let fans know they were beginning to come to terms with what had happened when earlier in the week they admitted through their website that they were “feeling better”.

Curtis concluded his statement saying: “Pearl Jam has always, and will continue to, do everything possible to ensure that their shows, and shows they are a part of, are safe and enjoyable for those who attend.”