Having suffered a similar experience with The Who, the guitarist is on hand to offer the Pearl Jam star advice...

THE WHO‘s guitarist Pete Townshend has contacted Pearl Jam‘s EDDIE VEDDER to offer advice, following the tragic events at last weekend’s ROSKILDE FESTIVAL.

Speaking on a tour diary via his official website, [url=], Townshend reveals he spoke to Vedder on July 1, the day after nine people were crushed to death during Pearl Jam‘s performance at the Danish rock festival.

The Who were involved in a similar tragedy in the late ’70s when 11 fans died following a crowd incident at a concert in Cincinnatti.


Townshend said: “I spoke yesterday to Eddie Vedder. I don’t want to say any more than that. I passed on what I knew The Who had done wrong after the Cincinnatti disaster – in a nutshell, I think we left too soon, and I spoke too angrily to the press and without proper consideration of the fact that the people who deserved respect were the dead and their families.”

Townshend went on to praise Pearl Jam and their management for remaining in Denmark following the show and for cancelling the remainder of their European tour. He closes his statement by saying that the events at Roskilde were “a horrific experience” for all present.

Festival organisers across Europe are now revising safety measures to ensure the events at Roskilde do not happen again. Moby‘s appearance at this weekend’s T In The Park festival (8 July) has been moved on to the main stage after fears the tent in which he was due to appear would not be big enough.