Eight people were killed and many injured at Roskilde Festival in Denmark last night...

Eight people were killed at ROSKILDE MUSIC FESTIVAL near COPENHAGEN, DENMARK last night (June 30) and three were seriously injured in a crush at the front of the stage during PEARL JAM‘s set.

So far, police have only released details of four of the dead, who were all male. They were a 23-year-old from Holland, a 26-year-old from Germany, a 22-year-old from Sweden and a 17-year-old from Denmark. Details of the remaining victims will be issued once relatives have been informed.

A statement issued by festival organisers on their website www.roskilde-festiva l.dk this morning said: “According to the information so far [the accident was caused when] a number of people in the crowd in front of the stage lost their balance.”


It continued that all available security and first aid staff were rushed to the front of the stage to remove the injured, and they were taken to Roskilde Hospital. Technical investigations are being carried out and emergency support services have been set up on-site.

According to reports this morning, the tragedy occurred just before midnight local time (11pm GMT) after heavy rain. The front section of the 50,000-strong crowd slipped and the injured were trampled underfoot.

The Cure, who were due to perform on the stage after Pearl Jam, pulled out out of respect for the dead and injured.

Pearl Jam issued the following statement on their website: “This is so painful… I think we are all waiting for someone to wake us and say it was just a horrible nightmare. There are absolutely no words to express our anguish in regard to the parents and loved ones of these precious lives that were lost. We have not yet been told what actually occurred, but it seemed to be random and sickeningly quick… it doesn’t make sense.

“When you play at a festival of this size, it is impossible to imagine such a heart-wrenching scenario. Our lives will never be the same, but we know that is nothing compared to the grief of the families and friends of those involved. It is so tragic… there are no words.

“Devastated, Pearl Jam


The festival website statement continued: “Everybody on the festival [is] deeply concerned with the accident and wish to express their sympathy with relatives.”

A spokesman, Leif Skov, has also added: “The festival is expected to continue with deepest respect for the perished. Life is stronger than death.”

Organisers are advising festival-goers to make contact with their relatives to reassure them.

The festival began on Thursday (June 29), but yesterday was the first full day of performances. Pearl Jam‘s performance started at 10.30pm.

Other bands appearing yesterday included Travis, Underworld, Gomez, Oasis andPet Shop Boys.