Pearl Jam have run into strife with Sony Music over a CD giveaway campaign in the US...

Pearl Jam‘s plans to give US fans a free live album as a gift accompanying a new video have been stonewalled by Sony Music.

The CD, recorded on their recent Australian tour, was to accompany some 50,000 copies of Single Video Theory, a video of the band shot in their rehearsal rooms in Seattle. The release of the CD was organised through American record chain Best Buy, independently of the band’s label, Epic.

According to US website Ticketmaster, the CD was supposed to accompany the videos on sale from yesterday (Tuesday, August 4). The website quoted a story from The Minneapolis Star Tribune which said the band had negotiated directly with Best Buy in the distribution of the CD. The CD was advertised heavily in press.


But Sony lawyers intervened and told the record chain that they had to return any CDs to the manufacturer.

It is understood the live recording had been broadcast in Australia on the radio earlier in the year and was being distributed there. Epic, however, does not want the album distributed in the USA.

Meanwhile, the video Single Video Theory is to be released in the UK in October. A Pearl Jam spokesperson said the video showed the band in their Seattle rehearsal rooms and “rattling through ‘Yield’.There’s a bit of interview footage as well.”

He added the band’s unfinalised plans to visit the UK were looking “more unlikely every day”. So far the band have played Australasia and are working their way through the US.

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