The two parties are determined to ensure a tragedy such as the one at Roskilde never happens again...

Pearl Jam met with Danish authorities at their gig in WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA last week to demonstrate the safety measures at their concerts.

According to a report on [url=]www.mtv.com, the police officials from Denmark, where nine people died after a crush during Pearl Jam‘s set at Roskilde Festival in June, were in the US for two days of meetings, and they were invited by the band’s security staff to the concert on August 9 at the Mars Music Amphitheatre to see how the band’s security operate.

Roskilde Police Commissioner Uffe Kornerup said in a statement: “We are in agreement that we will all do everything possible in an effort to identify all factors that may have contributed to the tragedies at the Roskilde Festival. [We] hope that we might learn ways in which tragedies of this this nature can be avoided in the future.”

Pearl Jam have already stated that they want to see a thorough investigation into the tragedy.