Emotional return to live stage for the rockers...

Pearl Jam have played their first live show since the ROSKILDE tragedy, and performed a cover of the life-affirming song ‘IT’S OK’ by cult rockers DEAD MOON.

The rockers returned to the live arena with the first date of their US tour at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater last Thursday night (August 3), supported by Sonic Youth.

According to US website [url=], vocalist Eddie Vedder pleaded with the crowd to “be careful” at the start of the band’s set and later on, they covered the Dead Moon song ‘It’s OK’. Introducing the song, Vedder said: “Sing loud because it’s outside, and sing loud because you’re still alive.”


The chorus to the song runs: “It’s OK, we’ve all seen better days / It’s OK, you don’t have to run and hide away / It’s OK/It’s OK, we love you anyway.

The song continues along the same theme, with the second verse running: “I wish that I could light the path/That leads to a life of no mistakes/Hold you from the damned be done /That living out of safety seems to take.

Dead Moon originate from Clackamas, Oregon, and ‘It’s OK’ featured on the band’s 1994 album ‘Crack In The System’.

Elsewhere in the set the band played ‘Daughter’, the song which was halted at Roskilde while Vedder attempted to move the crowd away from the stage. Before the song he said: “The last time we asked the crowd to do something, it was under completely different circumstances. It’s a little nerve-wracking, (but it would) be nice to start anew.”

The show was the band’s first since nine people died in a crowd incident during theie performance at the Danish festival on June 30. Following the incident, Pearl Jam cancelled the rest of their European touring commitments.

The band continue on their US tour this evening (August 7) at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and then extensively tour the US for the next two months, ending with a hometown show in Seattle on November 5.