Pearl Jam: ‘We’re the ultimate dad band’

The band also admit that they're 'surprised' by the fact that they're still around

Pearl Jam‘s Jeff Ament has branded the group the “ultimate dad band”.

Speaking at a fan Q&A session for SiriusXM at Studio X in Seattle earlier this month, the band said that if they were to do anything different if they started the band now, they would just be a ‘dad band’. Eddie Vedder jokingly added: “I can only practice once a week, after 8 o’clock, after the kids are in bed; maybe Thursdays after the carpool.”

Speaking about their longevity as a band, guitarist Mike McCready said he was ‘surprised’ that they were still about and making music. He commented: “I’m surprised that we’re around still. A lot of the bands that we… came out with, are not around. We’ve been around for 21, 22 years. I don’t know what it is. It’s not being around each other a bunch, then being around each other a bunch. Getting away from each other. But also having humour and the same kind of silly inside jokes that we’ve always had.”


Eddie Vedder then added: “I mean it’s kind of like dying, or getting older. You don’t want to get older but what are the options? And so for us in a way it’s like: what are the options, to not be in a group? It’s like you wanna just keep living and still be in a band. It’s life or death.” Listen to Pearl Jam speak about the secret to their longevity below:

Pearl Jam release their new album ‘Lightning Bolt’ on October 14. It will be the 10th studio record of the band’s career. ‘Lightning Bolt’ was produced by Brendan O’Brien and is the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Backspacer’. Speaking earlier this year, guitarist Mike McCready said of the new album: “I would say as a cliché answer it’s kind of a logical extension of what ‘Backspacer’ was. But I think there’s a little bit more experimental stuff going on. There’s a Pink Floyd vibe to some of it, there’s a punk rock edge to other stuff.”

The tracklisting for ‘Lightning Bolt’ is:

‘Mind Your Manners’
‘My Father’s Son’
‘Lightning Bolt’
‘Swallowed Whole’
‘Let The Records Play’
‘Sleeping By Myself’
‘Yellow Moon’
‘Future Days’