Ex-Pearl Jam drummer says band did not invite him to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

Dave Abbruzzese says being compared to Matt Chamberlain and Dave K was "a slap in the face".

Earlier this month (April 8), Pearl Jam were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by David Letterman.

Only founding member Dave Krusen and current drummer Matt Cameron were formally inducted alongside frontman Eddie Vedder, bassist Jeff Ament and guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready.

Matt Chamberlin, Dave Abbruzzese, and Jack Irons were snubbed by the Hall of Fame and were not formally inducted. Dave Abbruzzese drummed with the band from the 1991 tour behind ‘Ten’ and contributed to the recording of 1994’s ‘Vitalogy’.


Abbruzzese called upon Pearl Jam to “do the right thing”, which resulted in the band inviting all five of their drummers to the ceremony. Abbruzzese now claims he was never invited.

In a new Facebook post, Abbruzzese writes, “the band and the Hall did not invite or contact me,” before stating, “for the band to put me in the same light as Matt Chamberlain & Dave K really was a slap in the face.”

“I gave this band all I had to give every single moment I was in it. I never played for a paycheck. I never let the band down. I never let the music down. I never let the fans down… not once. I suppose that is why I am still such a point of contention,” he added.

“We, the Pearl Jam band & original crew, deserved to be inducted & respected. I’m proud of my old friends for managing it all so well. I dont know if I heard anyone say it, but you’re welcome and thank you, too,” he continued, before stating, “I have to clarify that I mean no disrespect at all to pearl jam, it’s management or anyone who has ever been or currently is a member of the organization.” You can read the full post below.


Well, shit. I responded to a statement someone made online and of course a shit stirring online 'news source' decided…

Posted by David Abbruzzese on Thursday, April 13, 2017

During the ceremony, Letterman cracked jokes about the fact that Pearl Jam invited all five of their drummers to their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and addressed the “beady-eyed, bloodthirsty weasels” that work at Ticketmaster – a company Pearl Jam have feuded with in the past.

Letterman was particularly admiring of Pearl Jam’s involvement with civil issues. He said, “They’re true living cultural organisms. They would recognise injustice and they would stand up for it. Whether it was human rights or the environment. Whether it was poverty. They didn’t let it wash over them. They would stand up and react.”