Peep Show’s Super Hans announces ‘Big Beat Manifesto’ London show – what to expect

We talk to the Hans himself about 'big fuck-off ketty beats'

Peep Show‘s Matt King has announced details of a massive live show as Super Hans – with the ‘Big Beat Manifesto’ coming to London. Read our Q&A with the Hans himself below.

Announcing the show, a spokesman said: “Light up a f**king HUGE crack pipe, release the snakes, it’s all about to get a bit messy. Croydon’s most renowned drug addled cracked up maniac SUPER HANS will be running to London to pound some of the biggest beats possible into your skulls at Electric Brixton.”

Featuring ‘special guests’ and a night like no other, Super Hans’ Big Beat Manifesto will be at The Electric Brixton in London on 10 March, 2017. After he totally owned Glastonbury, this is going to be one for all time. Tickets are on sale now – for tickets and more information, visit here.


How would you describe the mood at a whole evening of ‘Beat Beat Manifesto’?

“Big fuck-off Ketty beats, smashed together with stone-cold classics from cats like Bowie, The Beatles, Snap, Soulwax, Run The Jewels and The Muppets.”

It mentions ‘special guests’ – who can we expect?

“Two of the best and coolest acts out there at the moment (and that’s a promise), along with various sideshow freaks, sexy people (of all persuasions) and all hosted by me as The Ringmaster. The whole thing will feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. It’s gonna be a fuckin’ trip man.”

Will you guys all be collaborating?


“The whole night from the moment you walk in the door will be like one big freaky fucked-up dream circus… so yes we’ll be collaborating, in order to collectively blow people’s minds off.”

Ben Bentley

Will Jez be coming down or do you work better alone?

“Jez who?”

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

“Delia Derbyshire, Jean Michelle Jarre and Animal from The Muppets. One of these things may even be happening…”

How would you describe the music that you play?

“Let me ask you a question. Why does time exist? See… you’re fucked aren’t you? There’s no answer. Don’t ask me to describe the indescribable.”

Tiesto, Avicii and Calvin Harris are the three richest DJs in the world – what do you make of that? What are they doing that you’re not?

“Miming and playing on decks that aren’t even plugged in and then trousering 50K a night for their trouble. But let me make this perfectly clear – I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against those cunts.”

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