Pendulum set for ‘major’ collaborations on new ‘Immersion’ album

Australian dance band set for Spring album release

Pendulum have revealed that they have a series of “major” collaborations on their forthcoming new album ‘Immersion’.

The album is set for release this spring, with frontman Rob Swire telling NME.COM that it will see the band returning to their electronic roots after the rock influence of their 2008 album ‘In Silico’.

“We’ve gone quite electronic again,” he explained. “We’re obviously not making the darkest, most underground drum’n’bass out there, which we’ve never done anyway.”


He added that there were collaborations with “major electronic artists” on the album, including at least one act he thought it would be “impossible” to hook up with.

The album is set for release this spring.

Pendulum will be previewing the album with an appearance at London‘s Matter venue on Friday night (January 22). They will stream the show from their official website,