Pendulum gear up for first-ever US tour

'It's gonna be immense' says Gareth McGrillen

Pendulum are gearing up for their first-ever headlining tour of the US, which kicks off in Boston on October 1.

The London-based Australians who are known for their raucous, high-octane live shows, say they’re not the least bit intimidated by American audiences.

“Judging by the reaction we got at Coachella, it’s gonna be immense when we get out there,” Gareth McGrillen told NME.COM, referring to the band’s set at the California festival in April.

“Besides, we’re not one of those bands saying, ‘We’ve got to break America.’ We’re not gonna get all stressed about it and end up breaking up over it. We’re just gonna take it as it is. We know we’re onto a good thing and I think the audiences are gonna love it as well.”

McGrillen said that although they’ve had an intense touring schedule all year, the band have managed to find time to work on new material for their third album.

“When we get back from our American tour we’re gonna start working on album three,” he said. “There are always ideas being written down into laptops and cell phones and stuff like that. We’re always writing. We can’t really stop.”

As for surviving their first American tour, McGrillen says he plans to lay off the alcohol. “I’m gonna try not to drink so much beer,” he said. “I found myself drinking beer almost every night so I could go sleep on the bus. I’m gonna try and cut that down.”

The band’s tour will hit cities across the US, as previously reported.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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