People aren’t happy with James Blunt’s comments on Brexit

"My kids will lose their school and friends, but that's ok, because it won't affect you"

James Blunt has shared his thoughts on Brexit in a new interview, saying: “Get the fuck on with Brexit, because our lives aren’t going to change.”

People have been responding to his comments on Twitter, and don’t seem too happy.

Speaking to The Independent, Blunt said: “I think it’s pretty much bullshit. It’s all a political thing. I’m going to carry on touring through Europe whatever happens. Rather than having a title on it, my call to arms would be ‘get the fuck on with it’, because our lives aren’t going to change.


“My tour manager is going to be pissed off he has to fill in a few more forms, but whatever you do, get on with it, because the limbo is killing us.”

A host of angry commenters have now shared their views on Blunt’s comments, many of them saying that their lives are actually going to change significantly.

“Well, @JamesBlunt, my life IS going to change,” @lisafryer9 wrote on Twitter. “My husband will lose his contract, and with it, our home and life in the city we love. My kids will lose their school and friends, but that’s ok, because it won’t affect you.”

Another labelled Blunt “another rich guy who won’t be affected in the slightest.”


“Please be so kind as to tell those who have lost, or about to lose their jobs Mr Blunt?” another tweeted. “They don’t have tour managers. Tell them their lives aren’t going to change?”

James Blunt revealed to NME earlier this year that he still really wants his ‘Worst Album’ award from the 2006 NME Awards, and that it’d take pride of place on his mantlepiece.

He also recently took our Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?! challenge.

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