The people of Hull aren’t happy after Noel Gallagher called it a “s**thole”

"You dumb bastard".

Noel Gallagher has been slammed by the people of Hull, after he described the Yorkshire city as a “shithole”.

The former Oasis man was performing in Austin, Texas, earlier this week when he responded to a group of men from Hullon a stag do at his show, who were chanting loudly for their local football team.

“Are you English?” Noel asked. “For fuck sake. Where are you from? Don’t fucking tell me, Newcastle? Liverpool? Leeds? Fuckin’ Yorkshire?”


After the group began chanting for Hull City F.C., he continued: “Hull? From Hull? How the fuck can you afford to be in America from Hull? Did you fucking rob your gran’s house or something?

“Don’t want to be miserable right, [but] it’s a fucking shithole. The best thing about it is a bridge. That’s all they have got is a fucking bridge. It’s shit. No offence.”

But while the group later claimed that Gallagher’s acerbic put-down gave them “something to laugh about”, it seems that the people of Hull aren’t so sure.

“I have just seen the comments you made in the US in relation to my hometown #Hull. I AM EXTREMELY PROUD of my hometown and the people of Hull. You should think before you speak, There’s a fine line between Banter and Rudeness especially when upsetting your fans!”, one Hull resident raged on Twitter.


Another said: “@NoelGallagher the bridge isn’t in Hull you dumb bastard.”

But Liam Gallagher, meanwhile, IS a fan of Hull – and even promised to take up the chance of opening a new arena in the summer if he’s available.

Send me the dates and if I’m around I’d love to I love HULL as you were,” he wrote.