People thought that Kate Bush had died yesterday

(SPOILER: She hasn't)

Kate Bush became a trending topic yesterday, leading some to fear that the ‘Hounds Of Love’ icon had died.

Fortunately, she hadn’t – but fans were simply reacting to the broadcast of her first interview in six years with Matt Everitt on BBC 6 Music, to celebrate the premiere and release of her new live album ‘Before The Dawn’.

However, in a year that’s taken the likes of David Bowie, Prince, Sharon Jones and Leonard Cohen from us, many feared that her name trending was a sign of her death. Luckily, they were relieved to hear that she was very much alive:



In the interview, as well as opening up about her relationship and material she recorded with Prince, she also talked about the potential of touring again and releasing new material.

After revealing that she was ‘really nervous every night’, she replied to the call to play live again in the future: “The thing about that show is that a lot of the material was already, most of the material, was already written. And to start something like that from scratch is another whole world of work isn’t it. I don’t know. It was an extraordinary thing to be involved in, especially to have got the response that we did. It was wonderful for everybody involved in the show to get that kind of positive feeling every night.

“It was really magical. But I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. Definitely do something. I want to just do something new. I’ve been working with this project for a really long time now.”

Kate Bush

When asked if she was working on new material, Bush replied: “I haven’t written a song for ages. I haven’t been writing.”

But when pushed to see if she had released her final album and ‘The KT Fellowship’ marked ‘a full stop’, she said: “Oh no, I don’t think so. I think it’s just a rather big comma.”

Listen to BBC 6 Music’s full Kate Bush interview here and her new live album here.



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