People won’t stop stealing Old Town Road signs from a town in Massachusetts

"I'm gonna take my sign from the Old Town Road"

It looks like Lil Nas X might be causing a few problems for a town in Massachusetts where people won’t stop stealing Old Town Road street signs.

In Wellesley, officials have been dealing with an influx of people stealing the Greater Boston town’s actual Old Town Road street sign, which has been swiped at least three times since spring, according to The Swellesley Report.

Stolen from the approximately 510-feet-long Old Town Road that stretches between Ox Bow Road and Dean Road, it comes during a time Lil Nas X’s song ‘Old Town Road’ has become the longest-running US Number One of all-time.

“The behaviour is likely the work of individuals playing pranks, but it costs the town a lot of time and money to locate, repair — and where the signs and posts are damaged — replace, and reinstall the signs,” said Wellesley’s communication and project manager Stephanie Hawkinson.

Warning that there could be serious consequences if people keep stealing the sign, especially when it comes to delaying emergency services, Hawkinson added: “[It] could mean life or death for someone in need. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s a very real and frightening possibility.”

Wellesley officials have decided not to replace the signs until the hype around Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ dies down, but they might be better off selling replicas of their Old Town Road street sign, like Sicamous, British Columbia decided to do after a string of similar thefts.

In other ‘Old Town Road’ news, Billy Ray Cyrus’ iconic verse on the hit would’ve sounded a lot different if the country singer had been allowed to sing about pot rather than diamond rings and Fendi sports bras.

According to a recent interview, Cyrus revealed that a line he had originally written for his verse was omitted and replaced with a reference to lingerie instead.

Meanwhile, last week Lil Wayne performed a remix of Lil Nas X‘s record-breaking ‘Old Town Road’ during his set at Lollapalooza.