The Helsinki-based dance act soundtrack the latest advertisement by the company...

Pepe Deluxe, the HELSINKI-based breaks act signed to much-loved BRIGHTON label CATSKILLS, have written some specially commissioned music for a LEE JEANS advertisement.

The advert, which is currently showing over the whole of North America, has a car racing theme, and features extracts from three different Pepe Deluxe tracks. “The producer of the advert had heard our album in England,” explained Pepe man Jari Salo. “We were given a really basic script, and told to totally do our own stuff to make it different from a usual advert. We’re all film music buffs anyway, so it was great fun!”

Pepe Deluxe also feature on the second Catskills showcase compilation, entitled ‘STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAT LITTER – SCOOP 2’, which is released on September 25th.The release of this second compilation sees the previously singles-focused label shift it’s concentration towards artist albums. “We’ve spent a lot of time building up the identity of the label,” explained CatskillsJohnny Reggae. “It’s now about developing everyone as artists in their own right.” Next year should see albums from Featurecast and Bushy & The Professor, amongst others. Pepe Deluxe will also release a second album at the beginning of May.

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