Perfume Genius announces ‘Immediately’ remix album, shares video for Boy Harsher’s ‘Your Body Changes Everything’

13 remixes from 13 different artists, including A.G. Cook, Jenny Hval and more

Perfume Genius has announced ‘Immediately’, a new remixes album of last year’s ‘Set My Heart on Fire Immediately’, featuring A.G. Cook, Jenny Hval and many more.

The record features 13 remixes from 13 different artists, all in the album’s original track sequence. Katie Dey, Actress, Danny L Harle, Nídia, Westerman, Initial Talk, Koreless and more also contribute remixes to the album.

Boy Harsher’s remix of ‘Your Body Changes Everything’ has been released as a single ahead of ‘Immediately’, alongside a video directed by Boy Harsher vocalist Jae Matthews and Caitlin Driscoll.


The song has been reworked into a creeping piece of sawlead synth pop, while the video is inspired by David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist – watch it below.

In a press release, Matthews describes how the video reflected “feelings of disconnect” during COVID lockdown.

“I developed this idea where a man becomes haunted by a beautiful alien – who can only access him through his television set. Long live the new flesh !,” he said.

‘Immediately’ is set for release on February 19.

'Immediately' album cover
Album artwork of Perfume Genius’ remix album ‘Immediately’. Photo credit: Camille Vivier


‘Set My Heart On Fire Immediately’ was given a four-star review from NME upon release last year, writing, “Mike Hadreas takes inspiration from classic pop, drawing on Cyndi Lauper and Elvis, but deconstructs the sounds in his own understated way”.

The tracklist of Perfume Genius’ ‘Immediately’ is:

1. ‘Whole Life’ (Jaakko Eino Kalevi Remix)
2. ‘Describe’ (A.G Cook Remix)
3. ‘Without You’ (Jim-E Stack Remix)
4. ‘Jason’ (Planningtorock ‘Jason there’s no rush’ Remix)
5. ‘Leave’ (Jenny Hval Remix)
6. ‘On the Floor’ (Initial Talk Remix)
7. ‘Your Body Changes Everything’ (Boy Harsher Remix)
8. ‘Moonbend’ (Nídia Remix)
9. ‘Just A Touch’ (Danny L Harle Remix)
10. ‘Nothing At All’ (Westerman Rework)
11. ‘One More Try’ (Actress Remix)
12. ‘Some Dream’ (Koreless Remix)
13. ‘Borrowed Light’ (Katie Dey Remix)

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