Perfume Genius celebrates Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary by sorting artists into Hogwarts houses

"I'm the indie sorting hat."

Harry Potter celebrated its 20th anniversary of publication last week – and Perfume Genius opted to mark the occasion by becoming an ‘Indie Sorting Hat’, tasked with organising musicians into all four of the Hogwarts house.

The singer, real name Mike Hadreas, wrote on Twitter: “I’m the indie sorting hat send me your indie musicians and i will place them in their house #indie.”


It wasn’t long before his fans became flocking to receive the wisdom of the Indie oracle. As it transpired, it seems Lorde is a ‘strong Griff”, while Morrissey’s misanthropic nature is enough for him to qualify as a Slytherin.

But while the whole thing seemed relatively straight forward, it’s definitely not the case – with some artists seemingly straddling their loyalties between two houses.

Take Father John Misty, for example. He’s a “public Slytherin, private Hufflepuff”. Lana Del Rey, meanwhile, is “Slytherin, but in a really dope way.”


Meanwhile, Perfume Genius recently spoke to NME about his latest album ‘No Shape’ and revealed how sexual fetishes had influenced the sound of album track ‘Die 4 You’.

He said: “The idea of this song about giving everything to someone, in tandem with a fetishy asphyxiation vibe as a sort of metaphor… it’s provocative, but I think fetishes are really beautiful things. I wish I had something that was like so specific, like: ‘That’s what I like, 100 percent all into puppets’ or something. I just think it’s really a beautiful thing..”

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