The man responsible for classics such as 'Magic Moments' passes away aged 88...

?2?”,1226,18298,00.html “>PERRY COMO, the easy listening singer famous for songs including ‘MAGIC MOMENTS’ and ‘TILL THE END OF TIME’ has died, aged 88.

Como, who is a noted peer of singers including Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, died at his home in Florida on Saturday (May 12). Terri Thibadeau, Como,’s daughter told Associated Press that he died while sitting in his bedroom chair.

His death has led to tributes from his peers. Fellow veteran crooner Andy Williams told BBC news he had the “loveliest voice of any pop singer”.

He said: “I admired him so much because he was the most at ease in front of a camera – and in front of an audience too.”

The star, also famous for his Christmas television specials, had a career spanning over 50 years, selling a reported 100 million records.