Perry Farrell says Jane’s Addiction are looking to release new music in 2021

But it's likely to be new songs rather than a full album

Perry Farrell has said that Jane’s Addiction are aiming to release new music in 2021.

The band have yet to follow up their 2011 studio album ‘The Great Escape Artist’, although they have released a number of live records in recent years, as well as the standalone single ‘Another Soulmate’ in 2013.

After Jane’s Addiction reunited back in August for their first public live performance in three years, Farrell was asked in a new interview with Classic Rock if a new album from the band could now emerge next year.


“I wouldn’t think albums, I’d think songs,” came the reply from Farrell. “We’ve got so much Jane’s material in the can. We’ll be releasing a couple of tracks, maybe writing some new ones.

Perry Farrell
Perry Farrell (Picture: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

“Not this year, ’cause we’re getting late in the year,” he continued.

“But I can tell you in the next month or so I’m gonna be finishing up a couple of Jane’s Addiction tracks.”

In the same interview, Farrell also spoke about how his voice box was removed and “put on a table” during his recent spinal surgery.

Farrell is releasing ‘The Glitz; The Glamour’, a career-spanning box set collating songs from across his career outside of fronting Jane’s Addiction and Porno For Pyros, later this month.


Farrell is also set to feature on The Avalanches’ star-studded new album ‘We Will Always Love You’, which will be released next month.

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