Perry Farrell says his manager had to get his first band’s masters out of the bin for new box set

The career-spanning release will feature music from Farrell's pre-Jane's Addiction band Psi Com

Perry Farrell has spoken about his upcoming box set ‘The Glitz; The Glamour’ and how material from his first band had to be dug out of the rubbish to make it.

The career-spanning release will feature music from the musician’s pre-Jane’s Addiction band Psi Com but, according to Farrell, his manager had to rescue the masters so it could be included.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Farrell said the whole box set had been initiated by his management team who told him: “You’ve never been fully realised and we think it’s time that you put this work out in an organised manner.”


“They went looking for everything that I’d done, including my first group Psi Com,” he explained. “Somebody actually found the masters for Psi Com in the trash and retrieved them. That’s how little I was paying attention, shall we say, in those days.

“Back then my attitude was: ‘What I’m about to witness is for my eyes and ears only, and that will make it really valuable.’ That sounds naïve, but in the long run, it worked out that way. Psi Com wasn’t heard by a lot of people. We made the record for $500 (£398). It’s great to have it now, though, as a way to connect with my past.”

Farrell added he was “very proud” of the work he created with Psi Com and said they were “wild and free and under the radar”.

‘The Glitz; The Glamour’ will be released on November 6 and will feature music from across Farrell’s career, outside of his work with Jane’s Addiction and Porno For Pyros. It will also include new music, including a collaboration with Starcrawler and a track featuring a recording of The Doors’ Jim Morrison.


Meanwhile, the frontman claimed last month that Donald Trump had damaged evangelical religion in the US, despite his attempts to use faith to bolster his re-election bid. Sharing an article about declining church attendances in the US, Farrell said: “Our President is running on a platform of religion. He’s Done More (Damage) to Evangelical religion than any other president. Read and weep.”