Pet Shops Boys frontman Neil Tennant brands Taylor Swift the ‘Mrs Thatcher of pop music’ – watch

Electro veteran also hails Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik

Pet Shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant has dubbed Taylor Swift the “Mrs Thatcher of pop music”.

The frontman said the singer was very focused on economics like the late Prime Minister and hailed her for it.

Commenting on the current state of pop he told Noisey, in a video you can watch below: “I think Lady Gaga has been interesting and Taylor Swift is a sort of Mrs Thatcher of pop music in that she seems to be about economics but you know what at least somebody is interested in that.”

Taylor Swift has topped a series of rich lists in recently years and she famously pulled her music off Spotify because she felt that artists weren’t being paid enough. She also wrote a letter to Apple Music’s streaming service when it first launched for similar reasons.

Tennant went on to praise a host of current artists including The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik.

He added: “I think the current pop landscape is pretty good. I thought last year we arrived at a place where mainstream pop music started for the first time in ages, to take in influences from what would be underground if it wasn’t underground, if it hadn’t gone mainstream. I basically mean The Weeknd and Skrillex working with Justin Bieber. Zayn Malik’s single ‘It’s You’ is the most beautiful record [too].”

But he did also criticise pop music for lacking a subject matter with any depth.

“There’s a problem in pop music in spite of what I’ve just said and that’s the subject matter of pop music and there is only currently one subject matter and that is the singer and possibly their emotional life, or their issues with fame,” he explained. “There is not a lot of role playing going on.”

Pet Shop Boys recently released their latest album ‘Super’ earlier this month.