The band debut new soundtrack in London's Trafalgar Square…

The Pet Shop Boys debuted their new soundtrack to the legendary 1925 film ’BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN’ at a free concert in LONDON last night (September 13).

The duo performed the music with the Dresden Sinfoniker in front of thousands of people in the capital’s Trafalgar Square as the film was shown on a large screen.

Singer Neil Tennant said: “We liked the idea that we were going to take something made in the 1920s and put contemporary electronic music to it.”

Talking before the gig, Tennant told BBC One’s Breakfast On Friday: “The director (Sergei Eisenstein) said that he wanted there to be a new soundtrack to the film every ten years to keep it fresh.”

He added that he and bandmate Chris Lowe also wanted to see “whether we could write an hour and a quarter of continuous music”.

The 72-minute show was part of a season of events taking place in London’s Trafalgar Square organised by Mayor Ken Livingstone and the Institute Of Contemporary Arts (ICA).

According to BBC News, Tennant said: “The ICA approached us because they knew we had a background of using film with our music – our first tour, for example, was directed by Derek Jarman.”

He added: “It’s really exciting in London that you have got an event you can turn up and see the premiere of a new work. It’s really a completely unique event.”

’Battleship Potemkin’ tells of a 1904 sailor’s revolt, and according to Tennant, the Pet Shop Boys’ new soundtrack “changes the way you see the movie”, emphasising its “modernist quality”.